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Eml flashing now on solid (help)


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So today i was doing abit of spirited driving while under boost my eml started flashing and stayed on solid and while I'm high in the rev range it seems to pull timeing or something along them lines (looses power) won t be going into boost again till it's sorted obviously. so anyway here's the codes i was greeted with p0102, p0301, p0303, p0304, p0113 there are brand new coil packs and plugs in all cylinders so confused why the misfire codes. also i cleared the codes and drove 30mile or so nothing has came back up but obviously not gone into boost but around the 3000rpm range i can tell it start to act up

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Tbh i couldn't tell you what those codes are for without looking them up but any leak between the maf and cylinder head inlet ports , can flag up a maf , map or misfire code . Due to the maf reading air coming in and the air pressure in the inlet manifold (read by the map sensor) not adding up .

Give the intake pipework, tmic y pipe and vac lines a visual check for splits or cracks

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The codes are misfire cylinder 1,3 and 4 and maf air flow circuit low and intake air temperature circuit high input. I will go give everything a visual check when the weather dies down but from what bulldog has said it makes sense because only happens when the turbo starts sucking , the hole/leak might only appear when this happens intern sucking unwanted air into the system.

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