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New member from Surrey (quick question regarding possible fault too!)


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Hi everyone. I recently sold my Toyota gt86 which I'd had remapped to eliminate the torque dip and other little modifications but after a couple years of ownership I fancied something a bit different and a bit bigger and recently pulled the trigger on a stock 2015 wrx sti. The car is absolutely phenomenal. I've never owned a car like this and it's an absolute blast to drive. 


However, Ive noticed that when trying to do parking manuovers, especially a parallel park, when I'm on full lock it feels like the power steering cuts out. Everything feels incredibly heavy and no matter how hard I not too, I can't help but stall, which is pretty embarrassing. 😂

When driving the car around town, or harder down the motorway I have no problems what so ever. Everything feels great and I don't hear any unusual sounds. Is this anything I should be concerned about or is it just a quirk of the car?  It's done just over 30k miles and looking over its previous records looks to have only had maintenance work done on it. I have a tyre pressure warning light on all the time but I believe this is due to the fact I've got a slow puncture or a leaky valve core on the rear passanger side tyre. 


Thanks everyone 😁


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6 hours ago, Scoobyghost said:

Have you checked the power steering fluid? May be at full lock the pump runs low and struggles to maintain pressure.

All the fluids seem to be at the correct levels. Maybe on a full lock it's pinching a bit, I'll have to check tomorrow when it's light out if full lock effects the level or if I notice anything else. 

If that's the case, do you think it's going to be an expensive fix? 

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16 hours ago, Scoobyghost said:

Not if it's just a top up of fluids.

Fingers crossed! 

I have heard things on American forums where they claim the power steering pump in these aren't the greatest and prone to being faulty. So could be that? Will have to get it checked out soon before the warranty expires. 

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Wotcha and welcome - I know the diff on full lock can start to work against itself - my 2009 hatch would be heavy and then start making all sorts of clunking - says in the manual this is normal not sure if these are exactly the same symptoms you are experiencing

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