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Another newby


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HI all.

Hope you've got room for a little un.

On second Subaru, well in all honesty it's my wife's car (i'm a Landcruiser fan), its a really low mileage Forester SG9 XT which we've just bought, she had an Outback H6 before which despite being stupidly cheap to buy has given 4 years reliable service without a single hiccup, here's hoping the Forester will be as good.

Hoping to contribute when i know something, or think i know more like, and be very happy to receive wisdom when needed, i'm a big fan of proper servicing and rustproofing for a long trouble free life, so it will come as no surprise i've already changed the engine oil less than 24 hours after purchase, the first of many oil changes to come, looking forward to the good weather when i'll go right through the car, all oils and fluids will be changed, not looking forward to the spark plugs but doing them will give a good excuse for cursing, and then serious rustproofing will start.

Cheers for now


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Welcome Judd!

Nice cars indeed, been tempted previously myself.  Can't go wrong with an oil change! Can't over emphasise how important it is.  Mine gets done approx every 500-600 miles but don't travel far. 

I'm too fighting the rust onset right now.  Spay up the inside arches all the time with protector.  Summer time will see some more work I think.   I'm not meant to be driving it in this crappy weather but other car is sick waiting repair so...

Anyway enjoy the forum we are all friendly here :biggrin:

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Thanks lads.

I'm a big fan of BIlt Hambers rustproofing products, luckily proofing a Forester is going to be a heck of a lot easier than my Landcruiser was.

I treated the Outback the  first year we got it, the only really rusty part was the rear subframe (if anything's going to rust that's the part),  but i made an especially good job of that and its still solid, the Forester is in much better condition underneath, as it should be having only covered 27k from new, and i can't wait till the weather breaks so i can make her all good again.

Anyone else find that their cars seem to respond to TLC and mechanical sympathy and they pay it back in spades by giving years on end of trouble free service, not saying they should be driven like Miss Daisy all the time, far from it,  just make sure they have clean quality fluids and allow them to warm up and cool down a bit before and after asking (especially turbocharged engines) them to work hard.

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