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Scanner Tool That Works With JDM Imports

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Hi guys,

I have been trying to find an OBD scanner that actually works with my version 6 sti. I have tried like 6 different ones from eBay, including the wifi / Bluetooth ones and none seem to read the ecu. Can someone please tell me what scanner works, this is very frustrating as i have a check engine light that keeps randomly coming on. Obviously i'm not looking at the stupidly expensive scanners, just something cheap that will actually give me results. Someone must know what works, eBay sellers don't have a clue and all i've been doing is buying and returning them.

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If your really wanting to have some form of diagnostics other than the connectors savage was talking about there's a company in Aus that will sell you a cabe and some software that will work on cassics, the companies called evoscan

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ok cool, i already know about the connectors but wanted an actual scanner that has been tested and works with the jdm classics. I'm surprised this is not widely available here in the uk. 

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