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Hi all,

Had my 07 Impreza 2.0 n/a a while now, no issues with startup or the immobiliser until this morning...

Unlocked the car, jumped in and turned the key and got power/electrics, but wouldn't turn over and fire up at all.
First thought i could have left it too long and immobiliser armed again, so pressed the key-fob one more time with it in the ignition, still nothing, then i noticed that when i press the key-fob button the red light on the dash flashes once, but doesn't stay on like it used to for the 30/60 seconds whatever it is to give me opportunity to start the car.

i also noticed a buzzing sound while I had the key in the ignition at accessory position.

Anybody any idea whats going on?


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yeah think you're onto something with the auto/neutral, something is getting stuck - got home and tried again, same issue but brake pedal was solid, couldn't press it at all - took handbrake off, and let it roll forward in P until it stopped, and the brake pedal suddenly resumed normal pressure and the car started. 

can only assume something was stuck on the auto gearbox. its due all oils changing next week so hopefully it'll stop any issues getting progressively worse.

Thanks for the response :thumbsup:

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