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Falken Tyres


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Just had to change the front tyres because they were worn down on the inside shoulder - I don't think they've done badly having been on for just under 32,000 miles. There was obviously some feathering of the tread blocks as they were getting noisier.

Yes I don't drive like I stole it, but the roads round here are rough, mostly potholed unclassified and 'B' roads so they don't get an easy life. The rear tyres have still got life left at about 4mm (they were originally fitted at the same time as the fronts).

I went for the same again -  Falken Ziex ZE-914 205/50 R17W and the new tyres were noticeably quieter. I would rate these as reasonably good for grip, noise & comfort and mid-range for price.


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A Christmas update on the Falken Ziex ZE-914 205/50 R17W tyres I have fitted.

Although I had to change the fronts, surprisingly the rears have now done 48,750 miles and they're still not below 3 mm. They're wearing better than on any other car I've had.

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Final update for these tyres - rears have now done 51,101 miles but although the tread is legal, they are not providing the stability they used to do. It now feels like the back end is moving around so I don't have confidence that I used to in corners or even, depending on road surface, the straights. The tread may be OK but the tyre carcase has had it after something like 5 years use.

I'm not fitting the same again as they are discontinued and their replacements are too new to market to tell what they're like.

So I've moved to 17" Dunlop BluResponse Sport instead which seem to get good reviews - time will tell.

So far the immediate effect is a quieter and more 'on rails' ride.

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