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Decided to get one each


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We decided to upgrade our transportation last year and ended up with a couple of nice Subarus.

The wife was a little sceptical when I suggested it - Colin McRae was mentioned (plus I used to do a bit of rallying back in the day) - but when I showed her the cars she warmed up. After a trundle to the dealers for some brochures and then another for a test drive she ended up with a new XV 2.0i SE Premium, which she loves. It paid for itself in the snow a couple of weeks back too :biggrin: (is there a smug-face one of these things?!)

Anyway, I've found some useful information on here so I thought I'd sign up and perhaps pass on some of my (limited) experience.


Oh, and I got a Legacyrevolutiontouring from the IM fleet, which I like :wink:




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Thanks for the welcome. We love our cars (plus I secretly always wanted an estate!)

I do like having unusual cars, but, since getting the pair last summer, and then actively looking for Subarus whilst out and about, I feel slightly sorry for the rest of the car-buying public, as I'm amazed at how few I see (I doubt I've seen many more than 20 individual cars since July, and there are four others in the village.)

Still, it's their loss!...

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