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Hi Everyone

Newbie forum member here.

I'm in the process of looking to buy my first Subaru - I'm looking at a Forester.

I'm really excited about the technology, especially the car's capabilities in snow and for winter driving.

My wife and I are planning to move to northern Italy, and in the shadow of the Alps the winters can be severe.  The Forester should be an ideal vehicle for coping with alpine wintery conditions.

But I'm also looking to source a new LHD Forester to import into Italy - does anyone have any tips for sourcing a LHD Subaru?



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I can't help with the left hand drive one, but I CAN tell you that the Forester is a great vehicle! I bought mine in December 2017 and it snowed all over London 3 days later; the Forester behaved faultlessly and has done so ever since! Mine's a 2 litre automatic and I plan to fit a tow hitch to it soon, to help with vehicle recovery. Although Subarus have a bad press for fuel economy, mine's been returning 34-36 MPG and I don't exactly hang about! I've done 6,000 miles in 5 months and I've done 2 oil & filter changes, working on the basis of changing it every 3,000 miles-in fact I did the last oil & filter change this afternoon-it's so simple on a Subaru to the extent there are arrows printed on the plastic under shield, explaining where to drain the oil from and where the filter is located. In short, the car's brilliant!!

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Welcome Steve!

Not come across a similar scenario but it’s def a good choice for the use you need.  Good luck in your search. 

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Thanks for the welcome, Andrew & Geoff.

I'm currently negotiating the purchase of a LHD Forester from Sweden.

Getting excited about my first Subaru!!

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