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WRX power and boost

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I have a 2003 WRX, it is currently mapped to 280 BHP and the boost guage registers 1 bar at full boost, I have had a dump valve fitted(forge double piston) and am considering a remap my question is what is the highest power and boost I could have before I have to start upgrading major engine components? 




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I believe the stock internals should be OK for about 380Hp. Yes I pulled that number out of thin air. I currently have an EJ205 with a seized piston and banana con-rod that was running 360 but had a bad tune. My WRX is at 340 with a VF34 and a lot of supporting mods, but my tuner did not feel comfortable pushing it higher (running at 1.4Bar). It is all relative, and depends on how much you look after your engine. I'd be more worried about the gearbox TBH.

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