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  1. Got around to fitting the hyperflow this weekend. I was just testing it to see if/how/where it would fit, but sadly I can't get the OEM plastic hose to fit on the turbo again, so I decided to leave it there (I know i'll have a boost drop). It is quite larger, but it fits. The rubber seal of the intercooler tray is seriously pressed against it, but it fits. I've also noted some blow-by oil in the manifold and old intercooler that got me worried, so I'm looking into installing a catch can, and maybe a PCV delete. Also, I got a fibreglass hood scoop and a second hand hood, so once they are painted they will get installed.
  2. @Jay762 That is actually a very good idea. I think the stock brackets should fit the hyperflow, it is supposed to be installed using them. I'll give it a try sometime in December and see if it fits. I could also use the existing undertray and open it up about an inch with an angle grinder, but I can easily see how a mock-up cardboard tunnel would serve as a fibreglass mould! Thanks for the idea :-)
  3. Here are the pics. The beast in all its glory, then the WRX intercooler tray (see how small it is compared to the intercooler?), then the STi intercooler undertray, and the gap left on the side. I'm thinking maybe I can remove the rubber skirt and see if I can use something similar but slightly wider/larger.
  4. I've got one of those haha issues: I bought a hyperflow TMIC on ebay for 280 which seemed like a decent deal since STi ones go for 250. Problem is it is larger than an STi intercooler. Much much larger. Since I have a WRX I've got to change the intercooler tray (the metal thingie that sits between scoop and TMIC) and the scoop itself because it won't fit the STi TMIC tray. But even this one is small for the hyperflow, about 1 inch smaller in width and half an inch in height. Has anyone ever run across one of them, installed one of them? Apart from just ignoring the difference in size, I don't know what to do (I'm prepared to ask a colleague to design me a custom one in CAD but that will be super pricey). I'll upload some pics soon. Cheers, A.
  5. Vortex


    I know I'm resurrecting a zombie post. I was with Admiral for 6 years, always around 700-750. Then I bought my WRX and they asked for 1,500 and I tried to negotiate a more realistic price, saying I've gotten better deals, but they weren't interested. I tried other quotes from online sources (moneysupermarket, etc) and they all seemed to come around 1.5K. Then I tried a Sky quote, and it was 380 plus covering the cost of all modifications. It was a no-brainer. I think anyone intending to do or having mods, should def go with a specialist broker.
  6. @Tidgy yeah I kinda got that, apart from suspension I also need some fixes with the engine cradle and radiator support frame, so I guess 12/13 hours isn't that bad. I'm stuck looking for new insurance, my policy runs out and all the quotes I get are £1K+ and it's driving me crazy...
  7. Hi Jay, I got different quotes and to be fair I think TDR are the place to go, others said "I'm not sure how long it will take" and some just openly said they won't do it. I think some of the nuts/bolts might need cutting because they seem too rusted. I've managed to source all the parts myself, some for a bargain price. I'm not changing bushes, apart from the ones that already come with the Whiteline kits (ARB, anti-lift, drop links, etc). Reason is Mark from TDR told me not too since this will be a daily driver it would ruin the ride for me, and it seems to make sense. My aim is to have a very sporty dd, so I've gone with: - STi control arms - Tein basis Z - Whiteline ARB 22mm front, 24 mm back (should make it oversteer rather than understeer?) - Whiteline drop links front (for STi, Mark suggested it is worth an upgrade) and back ones - Whiteline anti-lift kit - Whiteline bump steer kit - Compbrake camber plates (front only) If it wasn't for the need to fix some rusted parts (radiator support and engine cradle) I would have kept it under 1K which hopefully would be a good upgrade. I've also gotten a pair of stainless steel/teflon brake lines because I know from motorcycles it makes a big difference in the braking feel. I might take some before-after pictures for !Removed! and giggles.
  8. Hi, I'm a defector from the German side. Always wanted a scooby and finally took the plunge and bought a "practical" car, a WRX Wagon blobeye (at least that's how I sold it to the gf). I've got a bit of a dilemma, this will be my daily drive, but I also want some performance out of it. Recently serviced it at TDR in Warwick, and I've decided to upgrade all suspension parts since this is quite an old car. Spent about 1400 on ARB from Whiteline, links, STi control arms, Tein coilovers, steering kit, etc, and I was told that it would require 12 to 13 hours of work to fit it all! Isn't this a bit excessive? I mean, there are a lot of parts being replaced, but 12 hours?! Anyhow, looking to get other quotes from the West Midlands region, so I would appreciate any recommendations on mechanics/garages in Coventry, Leamington, Warwick or Leicester.