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UK set to adopt vehicle speed limiters

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I disagree with that proposal will cost a bomb to implement and will drain the last breath out of personal car ownership. If they really wanted to save lifes they would just put a camera everywhere and fine everyone as in every gantry on the motorway. Wouldn't take long for people to stop speeding if they got a ticket everytime they put the boot in it. If everyone is driving cars with radar style speed limiters then its will make the cops job easier. 

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I've driven artics for over 40 years now, the worse thing they ever did was to fit speed limiters, it has been the prime causation of the endless lines of lorries and the hated elephant overtakes.

Unfortunately it's also yet another dumbing down tool, (it joins all the three letter acronyms that remove the need for skill and vehicle control, with predictable results) and it would be mayhem if they removed lorry limiters now.

Unless you've driven vehicles limited to the approximate same speed as others, you have no idea just how horrible the experience is, tailgating bullying carving up forcing in, all these things will increase once you get limiters.

Apparently the limiters being proposed for cars can be overridden, but we all know it's the thin end of the wedge, and within a very short time that override will be removed.

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Some of our work vans have limiters and they are just dangerous! As said above, they premote bullying and forcing into lanes, tail backs why over taking.
All the vans where limited at the same place but none of them are the same speed, anything up to 2 mph difference, which doesn't sound much but it is!

I've also been made aware that these GPS limiters consider slip roads as 60mph zones and it's not till your on the motorway it jumps to 70mph...accident waiting to happen if you ask me...

I massively disagree with the limiters.

100mph limiter i could get on board with but what is proposed is just playground thinking.

Loud pipes save lives

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