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Wrongly fitted exhaust, how much damage will it cause?

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Hey, I'm new to the forum so please go easy on me. Also I hope this is the correct forum for my problem.

Anyway, as the title says, me and a mate fitted an exhaust over the weekend to my Hawkeye WRX, it turned into a bit of a pig of a job. All the parts weren't included (Milltek cat-back from Monster Motorsport) the spring bolts supplied were to big to fit onto the original cat and the nuts for the middle pipe and back box were missing as well.

We soldiered on and unfortunately the only way to get the exhaust on was to use the original spring bolts, they weren't in bad shape, which was a plus. There were even more problems getting them on and in the end, the only way was to fit them the wrong way round, with the springs mounted on the cat side instead of the middle pipe side, it was either this or drive without a exhaust because the one removed was in terrible state.

So as the title says, how much damage could this cause? It is booked in to the garage for 1st of May for them to sort it out but should I be driving it till then? I'm only talking about 20 miles or so of very careful driving.

Thanks in advance for any advice, it's very much appreciated. 


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I'm more than confident that you are going to be okay, I've run with nuts an bolts through there with no springs at all, sure it's not OEM, but it works when your in a crunch

Loud pipes save lives

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1 hour ago, WorksDriver said:

Thanks for the quick response. That's a relief, nearly had to use just nuts and bolts myself, I'm going to keep off the boost till it's done right tho, no need for the extra strain

Keep off boost easier said than done lol

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