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Last WRX STI in the uk (apparently)


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Hey Folks! Picked up my Scoob 2 weeks ago, supposed to be the last to be registered in the UK. A mate from work suggested i join the SOC so i thought i would share a few pics. First couple are the day i picked it up and the others were during a 2 day ceramic coating and the last was with the old mans car at a local photo spot. The car has a few extras fitted, All round skirts, diffuser trim, back box delete pipes and wind deflectors and a Tracker, Love the car other than its monstrously crap mpg ( i knew what i was getting into! and coming from a BS diesel clio... ) I am a Mastertech for Nissan for a living and i'm so happy i sidestepped a 370z Nismo for Subaru. Hopefully i can contribute to the community with my technical knowledge ( worked on a few over my years ). 


Scott 😃







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Thank you 😃 i had a 370z nismo out 2 days ago at work.... the road noise is torture.. coming from me and my loud pipes! couldnt be happier! 😃

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