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Hi everyone. After many years of dreaming  I now am the proud owner of a 2018 Forester XT, pre registered but driven off the forecourt with 16 miles on the clock . For the last 15 years I have had VW Transporters as my donkeys and they have served me well. I carry out minor servicing and repairs like oil, fuel filter changes and brake pads. Keen to hear any tips for doing likewise on my new Forester. I am old school and believe in running engines, and power trains in. I have just completed 1000 miles and changed the origional oil and filter and will again at 5000 miles. What do people recommend as far as oil changes for engine, gear box (cvt) and diffs. I do tow quite a bit so  would expect to do more frequent changes. 


Also any tips or recommendations on oils etc appreciated.   





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Wotcha and welcome - I do engine oil every 5k max but the diff oils 10-15 book says 30K I think?

If you are doing a lot of towing you might want to consider a transmission oil cooler - it recommends one in the book for my RX if doing a lot of towing

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