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Hi all, 

i seem to be having a problem with my alarm going off 10 seconds after I’ve remotely locked it. I then have to press it again once the alarm is going off to stop it. 

Does anyone know why this might be? 

Its only recently started doing it, it’s never done it before. 


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I had a similar issue last summer , didn't do it in the winter 🤔

Turned out that it was because I'd been leaving the sun visors down and it blocked the movement sensor 🤐🙄

repositioning of the sensor sorted it , hopefully it's the same thing. 

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Okay cheers, I’ll have a look at that and see if that’s affecting it. 

Hopefully I can get it sorted, it’s a pain in the **** when I have to wait for the alarm to go off before I can lock it

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Hopefully it was just the sensor positioning and leaving the sun visors down. 

Had me stumped for a couple of days and the neighbor's were a bit miffed with the noise..... well probably that and me running around the driveway in my pants with a bat everytime it went off during the night 🙄😂

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