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Engine failure


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Hi all I’m new to the group 

I was at a track day with my 2001wrx. Half way through the day car performing fantastic on a wet track. Then power just totally went dead oil light on and temp in the red. Temp had been good all day. Stopped and got towed off. Let it cool down and checked water there was some and not over hot but oil was below half and was full earlier. I turned engine to see would it start which it. I let it run for Maybe 20 seconds and when i looked under the car there was what looked to be 80% of the oil out on the ground as if it had pumped it out. Any ideas where to start or what it may be??? Thanks 


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could be a whole load of issues from overgeating the oil, to oil starvation when going round bends with high force, oil pump failure. if the oil has been dumped out you may have a hole in the block which coudl be cuased by the oil thinning out and metal on metal.

Sounds like the oil temp may be the issue, asssuming you dont have a oil temp gauge?

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