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Charcoal filter?

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Hi all

Done a search and not found what was looking for so sorry if it's been done before and please point me that direction, 

Now what I'd like to know is if I remove the charcoal canister/filter that's in my engine bay will it be fine or cause all sorts of problems. 

Thanks neil

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The charcoal canister is part of the fuel evaporator system , which filters the fuel vapour from the tank and injecting system. Then sends it back into the inlet to be burnt off , for cleaner emissions. 

I removed mine completely about 5yrs ago and haven't had any issues but it is on a my 94  . I did have to block the tank vapour line and any vac line "take offs " for the evaporator system . unfortunately I couldn't say if you could just delete the system on a later scooby , as I know they tend to flash up codes eaiser than the classics and it might need to be mapped out .

If now one on here knows for sure , you could try contacting a mapper to see if it would need to be mapped out on your model 😉

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Thanks savage, it's on a 99 classic I want to clean the engine bay up and make it look less cramped when I finish the arches. I'll  take it out leaving it so can be put back if problems occur if not will remove fully 👍

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