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Rebuild/Modification problems


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Hello All!

Hoping you can help me finish this BANE of a project and get it on the track where it belongs dam it!

Ok the car is a 2002 WRX AWD, I have rebuilt the engine replacing the Crank and ConRod Bearings with King Racing spec. Lapped the valves, new seals and gaskets. Other mods include lightweight flywheel, ACL Clutch, Catalytic converter removal, straight headers and A/C removal. I have also switch my rear diff to a STi 6 speed spec.....which leads to my major problem...

The car will not rev past 5k rpm. What am I missing? Could it be the diff? 

My other problem sounds like a crankshaft rattle, but surely the bearings haven't worn as the car only has 100 miles since the build.

Could it be the Flywheel bearing that rattles? I feel a vibration through the car under heavy load and its it's pretty much the only part that hasn't been removed or replaced 🙈

Looking forward to some advice.


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I'm not sure what piston slap is, I assume it's the same as valves touching the piston?

it's like a rattling sound but sounds higher up the block and resonates under the inter cooler. It's not constant only when you rev up over 3k rpm you start to notice. I replaced the Cylinder head on D/S from another engine, stripped and rebuilt the head replacing everything as I removed. Could it be the tappet discs need adjusting for clearance?



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