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Prodrive wr sport spring package


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I've recently purchased a impreza wrx sti 2003 just over 70000, ( it's a beauty). And in the service and warranty book says it's been fitted with the prodrive wr sport spring package, what exactly is in this package?

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I assume you've read these web titbits?


Prodrive WRX / STi Lowering Springs
These high-performance spring sets are specifically designed to work with the factory struts. These springs lower the vehicle approximately 20mm and increase the spring rate by 25%. This complete kit features Eibach springs manufactured to Prodrive’s specifications. Slalom test with Prodrive’s WRX spring kit: Stock WRX: 61.4 mph Prodrive WRX: 67.3 mph To quote Motor Trend speaking about Prodrive's suspension systems: "At the track, the improved suspension and added go power teamed to deliver a 5.87 mph increase in the 600-foot slalom test. That's huge folks." Motor Trend also had the following to say about the Prodrive WRX with PFF-7 wheels, the Prodrive WRX spring kit, and a Prodrive Stage 3 Performance Pack: "Increased and more useable powerband, Substantial improvement in handling, Excellent wheel/tire package." • Source for all tests: Motor Trend June 2003

Utilising a Bilstein damper and Eibach spring, the damping characteristics were tailored for the British, more uneven, roads. It was part of the optional “WR” upgrade package intended for the UK market in the 90’s, applied to such cars as the 22B UK and the Impreza P1.


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