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Hi I’ve been a member for a while but have never introduced myself and have generally been poaching tec info from this site. However the time has come to ask a question.

i have a 1995 uk Impreza. Had the engine rebuilt 2.1 stroker etc.

it then sat around after a respray for about ten years. Last year I finally got a running in map and all was good. I was about to upgrade turbo sports cat and it started smoking under boast so I had a look and the intake has oil in it so I’m now fitting a catch can.

ive looked at a million threads but cant find a picture. I’ve taken some breathers off near under the turbo and expected to see the psv  valve but it’s just a copper looking pipe coming out of the crank case. 

im probably about to get spanked for being a noob and posting in the wrong place!




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Wotcha and welcome - no problem posting here initially but to get increased visibility I would suggest starting a thread in the impreza section, also take photos as that can help with people supplying information

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If you have visable oil in the inlet i would get the oil seals in the turbo checked as it sounds like they could be on the way out although a catch can is a good idea, i've a v1 wrx and i'm running more than stock boost pressure and don't have a catch can fitted yet and have no smoke or oil in the inlet so if you already have the new turbo to fit i would maybe get that on and clean out the inlet and see how it goes from there 👍

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