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Need low price reliable 1998 wrx engine

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First time on here, I am gutted my 1998 Japanese import WRX bottom end has gone and I wouldn't know where to look for a replacement engine. Its came at a horrible time and I dont have a huge budget. Please anyone that can recommend anything I would really appreciate it.




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If yoru planning to keep the car then i would get the engine rebuilt, even if it means parking it up for a while. Second hand engines are just that and no real way to know hoe they have been treated.

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98 is a change over year but if it's a early v4  ? (Coilpack central on the inlet )Then any v1 to v4 long engine (block and heads) will fit .

Although if it's a v1/V2 engine , you'll have to swap over the watercrossover pipe ,inlet , engine loom and auxiliaries to make it fit in a 98 v4.

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