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Valuation for Insurance

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I have a 1998 Impreza turbo Terzo & believe that it is possibly under insured as I recently saw a limited edition just like mine advertised for more that twice the value I have mine insured for ! 

I have asked the insurance Company to increase the Insured value but they say they want proof and been asked by them to get a 'classic car club' valuation.

I have rung the Classic Car Club of GB who say they do not do such a thing, so I am trying to find out the best place to try & obtain some form of reasonably accurate valuation.

Any ideas ?

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Advertised and sold are two different things.


When I bought my car the dealer would not budge at first. 2 weeks later he said he already sold it but the guys finance fell through. Well you never sold it. In the end I got him to come down £500 and then he cannot count and I walked away with an extra £100, lol. Paying cash can be really useful

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When doing my insurance they just asked for the value, I gave a number no problem.

It might be that if it is part way through the policy they suspect you may be looking to increase the value then make a claim.

I would wait until policy renewal then set the value with a new provider as you want

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My insurance is due for renewal now, so that's when I asked for an uplift in value, but it was 100% uplift which is why they don't like it I think......It's very difficult to get a value on these things. I've now found a company who will give me a valuation which they say will be recognised by insureres.

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