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Hi all. Waiting on my cross sports to arrive.


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Hi folks,

left a deposit on a cross sports 2 weeks ago, from Quay Vehicles, thanks Russ 👍🏻. Don’t think I will see it until some time in October but it gives me some time to decide on an alarm/immobiliser (maybe remote start?). I’m sure I will be on here with lots of questions 😬

thanks in advance,


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Hi again, so after what seems like forever, I’ve had my cross sports for 2 weeks now. It’s a 57 plate with just 36k miles. Unbelievable condition and I love it. I used a workshop in Tamworth for changing the cam belt and giving it the full Bilt Hamber anti corrosion treatment. Very impressed with the level of work. The guy, Richard, is willing to undertake most jobs. His pride and joy is a 4.6 litre Rover V8 powered Robin Hood kit car, sounds awesome. Bit of a plug for him, he’s just started up. Not an easy decision I would think in these unusual times. 
Couple of small jobs I’ve had to do, replaced the Battery yesterday and halfway through fitting a head unit and reversing camera. Japanese head unit in it, when I bought it.

thanks folks.





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Very nice!

When I import my CS, one of the first things I will be changing is the radiator. Both have failed on the 2 imports I have brought in to date, so going to get ahead of the game this time. Not a massive cost for the benefit and peace of mind it brings.

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Thanks guys, we spent the last 4 hours fitting the reversing camera and routing the wiring, yesterday afternoon. Very pleased with the system for the cash.

David, any idea why the rads rotted? 
wearybrummy, did you import your own or go through an agent?. I found Russ to be very helpful and couldn’t fault their service.



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