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Intro and a note about my VW conversion project


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Hi All,

I'm pleased to be here!

I've just started a major project! I'm fitting a Legacy Outback 3.0R Spec B engine, and a Subaru 5-speed gearbox into a 1971 VW Bay Window Bus!

I'm planning to post updates in various places and showcase the project on YouTube. Stay tuned! I hope the project is of interest here. My main area of concern is how to work with can-bus to fool the ECU that the ABS module is still in play (it won't be). I'm experienced with vehicle electronics, having done a DIY standalone ECU project in the past, but haven't worked with can bus before.

I have both the bus and the donor Subaru. I picked the Subaru up at the weekend. It took over an hour and a half to load it on the trailer due to the accident damage. The front wheels didn't turn as most of the front suspension had been removed. And the owner's driveway was gravel and mud. Not conducive to using wheel dollies or an engine crane!

I've already removed the engine from the Legacy. I've noticed a few missing parts. Time to get the wallet out.






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Hi n welcome. 

Bug (2000) impreza onwards ecus can be mapped via ecutek or carberry software,  so you might be able to "map out " the abs issues.  Certainly worth looking into .

As for the car in the corner Mitsubishi starion ? .

Either way feel free to start a build thread on here ,to log your progress 

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Only fast Renault I've ever owned was a Brodie Britain tuned Renault 5 gt turbo , thing used to try n kill me with torque steer on a regular basis but wish I still had it 😏

Popped into see a mate who's into his vdubs , this is his mk2 syncro running a longitudinal de stroked ,forged ,low compression v5 r32 engine with a gt40 and dsg 😍


think she's gonna be a bit of a animal 🤪

Best of luck with the project and keep us posted , bud 👍

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