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11 WRX coilovers vs springs

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Background: I have a 2011 WRX hatchback, previously owned 2 Evo 8's with springs/sways vs JIC coilovers.
I went stage 2 with the WRX and have been enjoying the car quite a bit but am bothered by (1) the wheel gap and (2) the floaty-ness of the car when turning or hitting bumps. It just doesn't feel right...under-dampened?
I find the stock suspension to not feel right no matter what. It's too soft for any spirited driving, on the highway it just floats but still jars on bad bumps, and generally feels "off" during street driving. So it never feels right.
I'm looking at primarily H&R Coilovers for $1200 since springs alone (Swift or Epic) are $300 and only seem to strain the stock struts if you drop the car more than 3/4". I could probably stomach springs + sways just fine but the H&R's contain Bilstein struts which are quality and I have read nothing but great things about the H&R setup for both the WRX and STI.
Was just wondering what the ClubWRX community has to say about this. I just want a stock-ish-but-more-solid setup and was wondering what would be a better option:
1 - H&R Coilovers
2 - front and rear swaybars
3 - Epic/Swift springs
4 - swaybars + springs
5 - springs + struts (which gets confusing for me)
Any input or advice would be appreciated. I'm leaning towards #1 to just address dampening and get a progressive spring rate. I think that may solve most of what I'm after but could use advice. Getting to drop the car 1" is a bonus.

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I have been thinking about this and so far I gather that coilovers are generally overkill for a road only car. Plus what sort money you prepared to part with makes a big difference as always. I am interested to hear what the experts say or someone that has experienced coil overs vs uprated springs etc.. Rear sway bar seems to also be an easy quick upgrade.


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Soooo limited experience as follows:

Stock 330s - soft with less feel on turn in and front comes up under acceleration

WRX STI with Cusco Street Zero A's (Designed for fast road) but ARB's etc all standard. Vast improvement - set to same height from bottom thread marker the front sits slightly lower than the rear, turn in and response is vastly improved but the ride whilst firmer is not crashy - I will still replace the steering rack with a 15+ item to get the faster ratio

WRX STI with Ohlins DFV, Perrin ARB's Perrin droplinks and 15+ rack - Only had limited experience it was positive but inconsistent (Turns out springs were incorrectly fitted) Still not crashy on the roads but firmer than the CUSCO's - going to be good to get them on track.

From what you are saying I would recommend the CUSCO's then if still not happy look at a thicker ARB to reduce roll even more


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