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Speedo gearbox end


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Hi guys, new to the forum. 

This subject may have already been brought up so I apologize in advance. My Speedo has stopped working. We checked the upper section and that fine. Yesterday we tried to remove the gearbox side but the plastic ilnut is non existent. Has anyone previous been able to remove it or encountered this issue.

I have have a cable Speedo not a electronic one.

I would be grateful for any help as currently car is in limp mode and not making the usual smile factor noises

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The ECU needs a speed input so if the mechanical speedo drive isn't working , the clocks won't be able to send a signal to the ECU (hence limp mode) .

Normally it's the "R" clip that fails that holds the top and bottom sections of the cable together but if you're sure it's the bottom connection to the gearbox speed sensor that's failed , either Alyn at Asperformance or luke at import car parts will probably have the lower speedo cable in stock 😉

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