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Greetings! Just brought my first Subaru Impreza!


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Hey everyone!

Subaru virgin here! Just brought my first one, an '07 WRX 2.5. Not even picked it up yet! (Tomorrow needs to hurry up!)

Honestly, have no clue about them at all, was actually looking for an EVO as I had one when I was younger but I saw this and just sort of loved it and it was a good price (I think!)

Any advice on owning and taking care of one is appreciated as it's been a decade or more since I have owned a decent car!

I will, undoubtedly, have many questions over the coming months!



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Wotcha and welcome - I also almost went for an Evo prior to becoming a Scoob owner and that was after going to buy the missus an Audi .... but we wont go into that - but after chatting to a friend who owned both apparently as a daily the Scoob was easier to live with, better turning circle etc.

I would start with a thorough service so you have a known baseline of ownership, change fluids etc


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