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Any chance of some buying advice?


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Good afternoon,

I have jumped over from the legacy forum we’re people were so generous with advice. These forums are such an amazing resource.

I firstly contemplated a spec B but finding one is a real nightmare in an estate form. The reason for the B was I need a 4x4 and an estate and I thought one of those would be fun. However, with head ruling heart and a real need to find a car I have widened the 4x4 estate search.

I have found a 2014 Outback from what looks like a reputable dealer (former owner of a Subaru franchise) it’s a diesel and looks to have good spec. The internet is full of people decrying the diesel. Is it that bad? Or is it like googling your health symptoms and finding that everything will cause your death! Could anyone have a quick look and offer expert advice?




many many thanks in advance.



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As a mechanic who (until recently) worked in a Subaru dealer, diesel Subarus are not very good!

Modern diesels in general are kinda built to last a certain length of time. Even gently driven cars with good service history will require expensive DPF replacements sooner or later. Add to this the sensors and carbon build up problems associated with the DPF.

This is on the assumption the car has been looked after and driven well. What are the chances a cheap one will have been treated that well?

The subaru diesel isnt the best diesel to have and diesels arent the best fuel to use!


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the diesel best avoided as absolute no benefit unless super high anual mileage and even then it maybe hassle thus no saving .
Most modern diesels same issue, the emission law and principle of dpf is complete flawed stupidity that produces engine not fit for purpose and has to burn a lot more diesel and use huge amount additional servicing materials thus a huge amount of waste .
Quite simply old is gold, absolute nothing better with modern vehicles.
Buying a top condition older outback 3.0 could land you easy live with large AWD extate that bullet proof and bit of fun and not that expensive long term as reliable durable and basic parts pretty cheap , could also be 30 to 50% cheaper initial purchase giving more funds for quality servicing and and minor work/parts make vehicle A1 .

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