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How critical TIME is on a timing belt?

Dr. Acula

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Just about to pick up a 2007 Forester Cross Sports with 30k miles (EJ205)

Now, I think is on the original timing belt. Mileage wise is ok but how reliable would be for its age? I'm aware that usually 10 years is the norm to have it replaced, just open to more experienced opinions. 

If let's say I'll go for a replacement what about the water pump on this mileage, and if I'll go for water pump what's your opinion re high flow pump (cast turbine)

Any other suggestions regarding immediate maintenance? 

Thank you.

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I would do the belt and the pump at the same time purely because of the accessibility.

For your motor I would keep it OEM, the higher flow, enclosed cast impeller I would only consider if you are running at higher revs a lot as the design is supposed to stop cavitation 

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As Jay762 said. 

But id do all the sprockets/pulleys n bolts at the same time. Probably the cover bolts if they are looking in poor condition as well. 

With the water pump, I would advise that if your changing it then you may as well get the cast impeller version. This vastly improves the flow(therefore runs cooler easier), because of no tiny bubbles/cavitation created. 

Im running respectable hp & I have a standard radiator fitted & because of the cast impeller(I presume) it does not over heat at all. 

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