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Forester sf body mods advice ?


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Hey all, as the title says I’m looking to do some cosmetic work to the fossy and was wondering if anyone knew of any quality parts for it ?

I have ordered a Zerosports full lip kit, front and rear lips and a set of side skirts, photo below.

I have been looking for an over fender kit, I already have 2 sets, a “universal” set, I bought 2 sets by mistake for my mates Volvo v50 T5 project, photo below and a blob eye set that never got fitted before I sold the car. Both would need quite a bit of work to look right though. I was wondering if anyone had bought a direct bolt on kit that doesn’t cost a grand or doesn’t come from Lithuania.

I also removed the rear bumper last week and found that the steel upper bumper support was rotten and needs replaced but can’t find what I’m looking for.

any help would be great 👍



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They mainly make those kits for the SG9 body, I have found some for the SF5 but I’m not prepared to spend over £1000 plus shipping.

I’m not too keen on that style either, it’s a bit much for me, my current wheel set is flush rear and a little proud front, I was hoping for a 20-30mm fender flare so I can run a 10-20mm spacer front and a 20-30mm rear


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I’m loving the set SF5Fozzi has but I can’t find that size or style, I’m no stranger to body work and I do own a compressor and spray set up so cutting something to pieces isn’t too much of a problem. To turn what I already have into something that resembles SF5’s would take quite a bit of work as 1 set is too wide and the other isn’t the right shape, as it’s my weekend/shopping car I’d prefer an easier starting point without spending a bomb 

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Hiya PeteB. Pic below of where I got mine from. 

Ring darren up & ask if he can do a set like how Iv done mine.

he might do a revised version to look like mine using his molds as a base to work from  

I did forget to mention that cos I'm running bugeye estate peddlers sports Ryder suspension that the wheels were sitting on top of the rear arches so I have to cut them up about 2inches which was quite difficult to weld back up & look like nothing's been done.

the same on the front arches, but I cut them a bit lower so I could bend a new lip around to restrengthen it, so the wing wasn't floppy.


What sideskirts u got cos I'm after a set if u wanna sell em let me know 👍🏻


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Cheers Fozzi, they look like just what I’m looking for 👍👍 

I’m running the stock side skirts, at the moment, I was going to run a set of GC8 2 piece skirts but the skirts are included in the kit Iv just bought.

Im running a set of TEIN street master pro coil overs I had in the garage from an older project, from a GC8 wagon with modified rear top hats to fit the sf struts.A576994C-DDA4-44D4-AE5B-DC590D7D480D.thumb.jpeg.237d9b51fda4ba1e42d64b3973d48827.jpeg


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My original plan was;

Blob eye rear spats

Gc8 side skirts with a side skirt extension

Forester SF front lip

Photos below of parts

Iv got nearly 3 weeks off work over Xmas, iv got a ton of bondo and fibreglass cloth, spot putty and paint, so plan was to fit parts and respray the entire car, paint iv got is polar arctic white (standard Ford transit colour) with a white Pearl pigment and LD7R, it’s a pepper grey metallic with a heavy fleck (modified VW colour)

All the paints Iv had laying around from other projects





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Just a quick update, been busy since January so gonna give some pics of the progress 👍

Japspeed unequal headers, up pipe and 200 cell high flow 3 inch down pipe, all heat wrapped.

2.5 inch Hayward and Scott non resonated cat back, had the cat end widened to marry up to 3 inch down pipe.

Swapped out the turbosmart bov for a HKS SSQ.

GlowShift boost gauge and matching Wideband kit fitted, custom build pillar mount flocked to match the dash.

GFB fuel pressure regulator and GFB response electronic boost controller, still running the stock vf34 sti turbo along with a swrd 290 fuel pump and yellow injectors. 

ZeroSports front lip kit fitted, fender flares fitted, side skirt extensions and rear spats fitted, running 25mm spacers front and 35mm rear from Direnza.

Car sprayed with Artic White.

Still waiting on an extended rear spoiler from Lithuania 🤨 it’s only taken 2 month so far 🤣

Had the wheels sprayed from copper to a dark gun metal metallic.

After that it’s going to be a  2005 sti engine 6 speed swap so the RA sti engine and 5 speed will be going.

Opnions so far 😬😅














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