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wanted 2.5 sti spec d

damien e

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hiya, i am looking to trade my 2008 hatchback sti type uk hpi clear for a spec D, my car is just under 70k miles, hill-hold, full service history, dccd gearbox, sport mode, iso-fix, slight modified with silicone intake hoses, hks panel filter, 3 inch turbo-back exhaust with de-cat, 2 wheel need refurb, just at garage having head gaskets, timing belt, water pump, clutch and head studs fitted, they are checking also if the car has been remap, value around 12k, private plate is included, mot till august, 


passanger side.jpg









driver side.jpg


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16 hours ago, Tidgy said:

are they doing the bottom end as well? Headgasket failure on a 2.5 is def bottom end rebuild job as well.

to tell you the truth i believe so, i will find out when picking up the car. they had the clutch off so i am guessing they did. 

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On 2/23/2021 at 3:49 PM, Tidgy said:

are they doing the bottom end as well? Headgasket failure on a 2.5 is def bottom end rebuild job as well.

just rang them and no they are not doing the bottom end. he look into the engine before starting the job. he only said the car needed clutch. he said the bottom end is fine.

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2 hours ago, nictriumph said:

have you seen your old clutch? have you seen your car stript? and what make of clutch has gone in?

no. i have not picked the car up yet. the garage where it is has been keeping me updated with how it is going. he said before me dropping the car off. he would look into what is wrong with the car as it drives fine but sometime the car might try to over heat. he did say he would check the block to see if that was the problem when i spoke to him before dropping the car. he rang me after doing his check that the block was fine and the bottom end was OK. he said that when i pick the car up he will show me the worn clutch. the car did have a problem with going from 2nd into first. so i will see the parts that he taken off when i picked up the car sometime next week. i am going to say it was a exedy clutch. the only think that said the head gasket was gone was a sniff test. the car drove fine not going to lie. the car engine was fine. i looked after it and so i am guessing the other owners did too but ask say for 100% that was true. 

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3 hours ago, Tidgy said:

you never want to do a headgasket on a 2.5 without doing the bottom end 😞

you know i work in a garge for 6 to 7 years and i done load of head gasket and i never had a bottom end fail on a high end car or a low end car. i seen it so many times when people have forged their cars then the engine fails less than 1,500 miles. i seen something that garages have done to customers car. i seen it all most of the worst work. the main reason why bottom end fail is due to 1) poor maintenance, 2) poor driving, 3) crappy off the shelf remaps. i never had a customer bring their car back with bottom end knocking after doing a head gasket. some subaru garage don't even replace timing idlers or water pump that is extra. why are you going to change an important component like timing belt and not change the timing rollers or idler and water pump. why is it extra for something that they teach you when learning about car mechanics, i am on subaru facebook pages and i seen people say from £3,000 to £4,300 to forge their engine and it fails less than 1,500 miles and that owners then has to folk out to repair it himself. when i did a head gasket i changed the seals and gasket on the head at the same time, some subaru garages don't even do that, if i was doing a timing belt that i put my name on that work than i would get a timing belt kit and water as well. 

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