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Oil cooler water pipe


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Morning guys. I have just bought a 2005 3.0rn and while I had the undertray off I noticed the front oil cooler water pipe that goes to the oil filter was leaking . Do I need to drain all the coolant to change the pipe as it is at the lowest point of the  coolant system . And do I do that by undoing the bottom hose ? What coolant do you recommend I use as the one in the system is a greeny /yellow colour.

I've been looking for a good 2005 one for a while because of the cheaper road tax . Not a good start .

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I don't have much experience with the 3ltr but I've always drained ej20's via the bottom hose . Colour of anti freeze isn't necessarily the best way to determine what to refill it with . I personally use motul ingul premixed anti freeze (around £40 from as performance) but as long as you use a antifreeze suitable for aluminium blocks (oat) you'll be fine .

On the ej20 /ej25 you can buy a oil cooler hose kit , that comes with the 3 silicone hoses and hard pipe that crosses the front of the engine to the waterpump .


unsure if the 3ltr has exactly the same set up but worth changing it all if your draining the coolant imo 

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