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Wotcha and welcome - From what I remember when looking at a blob / hawk sti there were quite a few differences, particularly in the chassis area.

I stand to be corrected but here goes:

turbo - bigger on the sti


ARB's are thicker

Bearings are larger - as such pcd is different

Some chassis parts are alloy - lower wishbones?

possibly different brake calipers - not sure on that one

Probably a few more things - possibly struts and springs

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There's quite a few differences in spec between wrx and sti blobeye spec , hence the £4k + price difference.

Although the wrx is a capable car , that does its job and is easily unable to around 300hp . it  has 5 speed and non forged engine .  So if you're aiming for over 350hp ,the sti is a better base .

Sti has sportier interior and suspension . Brembo brakes , stronger 6 speed gearbox , stronger forged engine (450hp capable) ,tmic waterspray, bigger turbo and injectors as standard .

Theres also the widetrack ,wr1 , spec c , spec d and a few spec differences between them too .


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