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GC8C Blow off valve help


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Hi Guys, 

Just picked up this motor and found that one of the hoses has been plugged with a screw. I assume it had a blow off valve installed at some point. Please could you let me know what i need to do to put that right so it's stock. I have atttcahed pictures of the engine bay. 


- Also if you have any tips on anyhting else thats looks like it needs doing please feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance! 








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I think that pipe should go to the solenoid just above the boost solenoid on the n/s strut tower, its next to the air filter and has that little orange plug going to it as for the idle problem the T piece thingy that the breather pipes and the pipe to the idle control valve go to gets brittle and cracks, it's located under the recirculation valve 👍

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Looks like a relatively standard v1 wrx bay , unfortunately I can't help much with the oe vacuum line set up .

As mine wasn't standard when I got it , if you think it sucking in air and increasing idle ?

You could get a smoke test done to rule out intake air or vacuum leaks .

If not then cleaning the idle control valve is the next cheap thing to try .

Get a icv gasket, remove the icv from the inlet , take note which way the o ring and diaphragm face that sit between icv and inlet (for refitting).


Clean icv and diaphragm with brake, intake or carb cleaner .

Let dry, Refit with new gasket and top up the coolant if necessary. 

Could try a ECU reset afterwards too , just dont adjust the 2 screws on top of the icv (as these adjust the voltage to the ECU) 

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