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2007 Impreza 2.0 R Sport project re-started after 5 years - West London Suba-guru needed !!!

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Hi everyone,

Well I haven't been here since February 2016 when my car lost compression, I was getting garage bills with untrained rip-off merchants that were always unsuccessful, and finances took a bit of a dive so I shelved the project - I forgot it even existed in fact for a whole 5 years but, now I have the car back in my possession and I want to finish the job.

I am wondering if anyone on here is aware of an Impreza guru type located around the West London area - preferably mobile who can come and look at the car, listen to the story of events and efficiently work towards getting it running and ready for MOT. I would also like to discuss moderate power upgrades at this time whilst its non-running and partially dismantled as it seems to make sense to do it now rather than when its all up and running as standard, only to take it apart again.

The abridged synopsis of what happened is as follows: - car developed severe piston slap and loss of compression - I bought replacement engine which a garage fitted and also fitted new clutch and timing belt plus tensioner, changed plugs and coil packs, CO2 sensors, new correct oil, new air filter and direct replacement ECU. Car ran ok in neutral but went straight to limp mode when in gear. The engine and the electronics are clearly in a severe dispute but surely this can be overcome?

Comments were made about coolant hose routing being different on new engine and maybe it came from an auto box car originally - this was never verified. In my very limited knowledge I feel it has to be ECU / Air Flow Meter / Throttle Body Housing related. This a long time ago now and I can't recall much more but I'd really like to get it working even if that means ripping out the drive by wire and running it on twin carbs but obviously a standard / upgraded set up would be my preference.

Apologies in advance to anyone who recalls my original posts for advice that suddenly went unanswered but I just totally lost all hope and could no longer support the project or find the enthusiasm for it. Can anyone give the contact for an honest expert who can get my car running and isn't going to try to drain my bank account in the process?

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