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Subaru Forester Rims size.Volkswagen rims on Forester


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Hello everybody.I have another question for you.I hope that you can help me now :D .

I want to change my OEM 16" wheels with some bigger wheels (17" or 18" ).I own a 2006 Forester 2.0 X.I know that the bolt pattern for this model is 5*100 ,and the ET sizes are between 38-50(I am not sure).


I don't want to spend a lot of money on brand-new wheels.I have around (350-450 pounds to spend).I think that I won't keep this car more than 2 years,but I think that bigger rims are  good upgrades for my car.And i also need and want new tires...which are pretty expensive.


I don't know if Volkswagen Golf 4 rims match with my car.I have found some nice and cheap Wolfrace wheels,but their ET=35.I am not sure if I can mount them on my car :( ,or mounting them will affect something..

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vw wheels and subie wheels share the same 5x100 bolt patterns, the vw wheels centre bore is larger than the subie so with spigot rings you could put vag on subie but not vice versa, off set wise, my speedlines were et55 and sunk in quite far in the arches, the silver ones i had on were 35 and were right on the edge in line with the arches but under hard cornering they were catching on the arch, the white WR1 wheels i have on now are et45 and are spot on, not stuck out a million miles but not sunk in looking lost either


i've always used this site for wheel fitment info

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