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Greetings from Rochdale


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Hi Guys (and girls if there are any),


Wanted an Impreza since i was around 20 and i'm now 39 so took the plunge. I've always owned Honda's and traded in my Civic Type R rice rocket for a 2008 WRX, couldn't find an STi for the right miles/money but found a nice WRX on autotrader. 1 owner from new and 55k on the clock. 

I must say it brings a christmas morning grin to my face every time I get in it and I can't wait for the snow! HA!


One thing that does trouble me a little bit though is the clutch (i'm going to have a look through the forums too), i've never driven a car with a clutch as hard to press as this one in my life, to the point that I thought it was cable controlled and was sticking! Is this normal? I've had it a week and got used to it but could do with a second opinion from someone.


Is it bad that i've had it 1 week and i'm already considering getting an STi  :D


Cheers Peeps,




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Hi welcome to S.O.C  Scott 

Very nice looking Hatch/sharkeye. I remember the clutch being hard to press when I 1st got one but got used to it now so I shouldn't worry about that to much. Unless it's to the point you're needing to force it that much you nearly follow through ;) 

And I agree best fun ever in the Snow only thing I look forward to when winter comes round :D 

Nope that's not wrong at all I wish I had got an STI now but don't let that take anything away from the WRX they are just as much fun and can be tunned up. :D

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Thanks for both replies :)

I'm most looking forward to driving past anything rear wheel drive (BMW especially) when the snow comes muhaahaaaa.

I nearly followed through when I thought the clutch was in need of tlc lol.

Going to start with an k&n I think then carry on from there, it's a girlfriend replacement so much cheaper to run and less hassle!

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Haha... Well think a very good compromise :D for me I have had both far to long I'd feel lost with out either now. But I'm sure an upgrade of car would help me feel much better too :D Not sure there any cheaper to run though but still manages to put a smile on my face so it's worth every penny :D

And you will be able to do that and side ways past them so you can wave if you really want to show off :D  

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Welcome aboard fella, sure I've posted somewhere in a thread by you, might be wrong, brains puddled these days, anywhoooo

I used to live in Ashton and hathershaw in Oldham, now in Preston been here 12+ years, you ever been to the castle cafe in Rochdale, they make a breakfast challenge, you pay £15 if you don't finish it but you get the food free and £50.if.you do, it's on Facebook and as far as I'm aware only one guy has done it so far

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