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Newly acquired 07 Forester - couple of questions!


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Hi all

I picked up my new ride today - a 2007 Forester X 🙂

This isn't my first Subaru - had a non turbo Legacy saloon a good while ago - but my first Forester.  

And I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can help me out with!  (Thanks so much in advance)

A) What's this all about under the passenger seat?  There are 4 bolts in the floor and what looks like a 6-pin audio cable.  Would there have been a multidisk changer in the other originally?  The thing in the top/middle of the pic is a movable bit of metal with some tape around the end.  I've had a feel around and can only assume that it was once part of a bracket?


B) One of the keys has a dead Battery.  Do we have to do anything special once replaced to make sure that it disarms the car?  In the owners manual, there's something about a code that would have been printed on something that attached to the keys.  We don't have this - is that a problem?


C) Speaking of arming the car...  We've got this entertaining keypad.  We've also got a booklet all about arming the system, changing the auto locking, beeping etc.  Before we start prodding anything, is this likely to be the Subaru alarm?  There aren't any pictures of the keypad unit in the booklet...


Thank you!  I am sure there will be more in the future, but that's a start for now...


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I have a JDM Forester 2007 ( cross sports) and under the passager seat I had (still have ) the GPS card reader part of the head unit Panasonic Strada (replaced)

As for the alarm system,  there is none. It beeps when lock / unlock but that,s all to it. You can try the Battery dead key to manually lock unlock and start the car, see if it works.

Hope it helps.

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a, assume you likely have non standard head unit install .

b,just fit Battery and you done unless keyfob faulty .

c, the alarms are sigma units (M30) installed in UK to comply with euro legislation
the keypad you see is to arm/disarm and enter special functions/[rograming options using a 4 pin code .

It very worthwhile having a 4 pin code.
good news is you can program a new code as long as have a working keyfob.
My advice is do so as can become a ballache and serious money waste if neglect the issue and keyfobs fail/lost etc .

The real M30 manual is linked below ...


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On 9/28/2021 at 2:20 PM, Mr B said:


b,just fit battery and you done unless keyfob faulty .


I've switched the Battery and still the spare keyfob isn't doing anything...  Are they easy enough to replace as it would be super helpful to have 2 working keys!  

I've looked online in case it's a programming issue and the most I can find it about keyless entry systems (which this isn't).

Thank you 🙂

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yours is a sigma m30 alarm .
read the M30 alarm manual linked in my first post .
my guess is keyfob faulty, not uncommon have bad button .
Ideally want test if it transmitting, mail order keyfob repair services are available for around £30
You can buy keyfobs used off eBay and program them (read manual for programming)
Yours should be keyfob built into key, with these you can buy same style used and swap board and program .

your keyfob should be like below !

sometimes they get replaced with single button keychain fob .

What ever you do don't go to a subaru dealer or you will be missing several hundred quid ....

while you got one working remote setup a 4 digit password before doing anything else (read manual to see how do it)


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