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Winter Wheels/Tyres


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16 hours ago, milkybar said:

Anybody know the correct sizes and a source for steel wheels?

Something like " VW Golf 2010 has the same diameter, stud patern and offset" would be ideal

Good winter tyre recommendations?

Sorry, I can't help you on the steelies advice, except to say if you fit none Subaru wheels to your Subaru this might count as a modification in the eyes of your car insurance company, so best to check.  I've tried to source some new steelies from a Subaru dealership and was told they need to be sent direct from Japan so there's quite a wait (too long for me) before they're shipped to the UK.  So, Ive been forced to stick with my alloys and get winter tyres to fit.  Best advice re tyres so far seems to be Winter Tyres 2021


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Cheers Justin,


I'll maybe have a look round the neareby scrappys or the bay of plenty for some replacements.

Didn't get a spare with mine? normal? looks like theres space but all the poly molding etc is set up for not carrying one.

Know if it was an age thing or model? would like a spare rather than repair kit

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I use this site to confirm your existing wheel pcd, offset and centre bore then you can look at other models for the same fitment.


I investigated a set of steel wheels for winter tyres but by the time I had costed some that would clear the calipers it was cheaper to source a 2nd had set of alloys with minor kerbing so woudlnt be too upset with catching them occasionally.

What then happened was "do we have to put those shabby wheels on the car?"

Wheels are currently being refurbed and will be fitted with Michelin cross climate2's

I went for those as they are not a 100% winter tyre so can deal with snow and rain we get more on by me  and I was impressed by the original cross climates I had on a car before. I also considered  the continental option as have driven on those and they are good buuuuut Blackcircles had an offer on the michelins.


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