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Forester rear diff


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Many of them will fit but you need to ensure you maintain your ratio (unless you deliberately want to change). You have probably got an R160 rear diff but I wouldn't know the final ratio. Have you tried eBay and breakers to source a replacement? Also when was the last time you replaced the oil in the diff itself?  

A quick look and it appears you may have the 4.111 ratio. This was specced for Euro vehicles and had a matching 1.081 ratio transfer drive reduction gear. Other countries had a 4.444 diff but that was matched to a 1.000 transfer reduction gear (in gearbox)

I would confirm the diff you have and then use that to search, then it becomes model independent

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A quick cross reference based upon a pdf sent to me (thanks @savage bulldogs) if it is indeed a 4.111 ratio look at early Imprezas and and legacies - but not all models again across the years and models there were different ones used - A quick check on evil bay searching using 4.111 has generated some results so you will just need to confirm which ratio yours has

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While the right ratio diff will fit from differing model I would make effort source a used XT diff as plenty XT models getting broken and from parts reference the diff part number shows only used in forester so it likely had some minor design differences .
You likely find a rear diff on eBay for anything from 80 to 180 quid if keep an eye out for something likely be decent order . they pretty easy swap out, do be sure it diff not wheel bearings or mix of poorly matched tyres.
subaru awd likes matching tyres in brand/model and wear, bad tyres = noises and eventually viscous diff faults .
Never understand why people want a awd yet will run **** tyres on them ! 🙂

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