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XV DPF Faulting

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Hi All,

I have a Mk 1 2013 XV (Crosstrek) and lately I have been struggling to get rid of the DPF light on the dash. Had two re-gens early on, fitted a new air-duct hose, passed a smoke test, had an oil and filter change and still the light won't turn off indefinitely. I had the DPF pressure tested a month ago, the soot content was too low for concern and the light went out until last week.

It has now been pressure tested again and gave a 89mbar reading (50 being the point of concern), and there is fuel in my oil. A garage (Non Subaru DPF specialist) has quoted £420 to remove and clean the DPF but that doesn't solve why the filter backed up in a month and why there's fuel in my oil.

I can only think my fuel injectors are busted or the turbo is gone.

Has anyone else had this problem? what did you do? what do you recommend, do you think it is worth repairing and can I do it myself to save on labour charges? My dilemma is, without a DPF fault and purely based on mileage the car is only worth around 3.5k if not less. Over the last few months I've invested 1.5k on bearings, bushings, brakes, tires and rust treatment because when it works it's perfect for what I need... so do I sell and loose what I've invested to buy a similarly poor condition car if not worse or invest another grand to solve the DPF and pray that's the last of my issues for a while?

Thank you!

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That's a difficult question to answer. We had a transit that had simaler problems. We ended up having the guts of the dpf removed and remapped the ecm. 

I would imagine the reason for fuel in the oil is when the car trys to regen it injects extra fuel into the cylinders and I think sometimes the fuel bypasses the rings and dilutes the oil. 

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