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An old member returns!

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Hi guy`s. Not been here for a few years (4 & a half)  after turning to the dark side and buying a Volvo, reason being I was doing a lot more mileage and wanted to go back to diesel and couldn`t quite trust the flat 4 |Subaru diesel as it was relatively new.

I`m now in the position of buying my 5th Outback, looking for around a 2012-14 ish hi-spec model. With the diesel being a lot more reliable nowadays I wanted a few tips, dos/don`ts etc. I may still go for the petrol, undecided as yet. 

The last one was an 05 3.0 RN.1598319377_MySubaru3ltrRN.thumb.jpg.a250e06ac31c7a66bcd10d0b6de5f39a.jpg


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Welcome back 👍😁


For my money I would still not go for a diesel - many are getting rebuilt now to address the failures but I am not sure it is something I would risk

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Later diesels are better but still got issues .
Problem we had rebuilding them is lot of times block halves can be damaged around bearing journal, bore could be marked and potential a cylinder with bent valves.
Crank new revision version is around £400 but ideally you want mate it to the revision block and that gets spendy . Most owners simply can't afford it as been hit with DPF EGR and glow plug bills already and simply not willing feed the money pit several grand more .
We had quite a few 09 to 2012 collected for scrap/salvage .
I don't know your needs but the older early to mid 2000's cars are far better made and you could select a proper pristine example for pretty small money and have thousands left for some service work/tyres etc make it totally A1 plus plenty money left in bank for the fuel .

I do like my Volvo XC's so I can accept your sin ... have fun choosing another Subaru ... make the most of it before Battery takeover ...

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Cheers for that B. I have an XC60 and it`s brilliant, done 170`000 and still wants more, and I would have another, later one but from 2014 they`re probably just out of my price range.

Electric will never take over, all electric is the new Betamax!  Eggs in one basket I think is the phrase. Besides, there`s a way to cleaner diesel if the people in charge of this stupid green crap would allow it.



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