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Rear bumper Forester SG

Dr. Acula

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Yesterday I managed to enthusiasticly back up into a bollard.

Today I'm looking for a rear bumper for a Forester SG 2007(silver). It's a JDM with specific trim, but no idea what the name for it. I hope a regular xt or any other would fit.

Other option would be to try fix it, but I'm afraid it's over my capabilities. 

Any advice or a bumper laying around?



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SG will fit but bottom edge of it differs a lot in styling, you got a pic of it, if not cracked you be surprised how easy they reshape with hot air gun so repair/refinishing might be viable option .
Trouble I get when sourcing used bumpers or panels is generally finish not great so likely need some paintwork anyway be A1 .
Is great when do get nice condition and original factory paint and right colour used panels as cost effective quick quality repair .

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shame  most creasing right in spot with lot of shape and edges ,
Is likely reparable, certainly worth looking into that option via 2 or 3 local reputable bodyshops .
A new bumper is likely £250 and up range plus paint and swapping over lower bumper mouldings .
I would review all options and see where it takes you in terms of part sourcing, local bodyshop opinion & pricing .

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