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Mi.Subaru App - Aaaarghhh!

Justin Time

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Trigger warning - this post contains a rant, so don't read on if youre in a fragile state of mind or want to continue to enjoy a dippy-do-dah kinda day.

The Mi.Subaru App. Any one managed to download this app? If so, I take my hat off to you, and bow reverently.

It's right out there - in yer face, on the Subaru UK website, which boasts the availability of an accident management app Mi.Subaru https://www.misubaru.co.uk/download-now.aspx

which is supposed to make it v easy to contact Subaru UK in the event of such a mishap.  Probably only of interest to those with current Subaru warranties and cover.  Seems a plus, and there's a lot of glossy webpage (yes Subaru have spent time and money on this) information enticing you to download the app, with 'helpful' (spoiler-alert NOT!!!) links to the your phone's operating app store.  I'm with Apple so the link takes you to the Apple App store. Yet, and here's the crestfallen point, the link actually only leads to a message saying "App Not Available.  This app is current not available in your country or region".  So why waste my time grabbing my attention and leading me down the garden path Subaru? I first checked it out months ago thinking the Subaru UK website must just be a smidgen ahead of the introduction of the service.  But no! All promise and no delivery.  Mere empty grinning teeth sales bullshit. Not a good look Subaru, if you're just the ruddy same as all the other motor corporate tat.  Not distinctive at all.

So, what is there in the App store for Subaru? Well, there's the Subaru Care app! Hey, well that's a result? ' Care' in the title must mean they actually do care about offering support to customers.   Erm...no. Not really.  You see after registering and logging on, I've found that you can only really get as far as (according to the app) 43% complete because you need to scan the Q Code on your Vehicle's head unit, or input the 8 digit authentication code also needed to "link your Subaru and BECOME ENTITLED".   Yes, that's exactly how it describes it - entitled.  And let's face it, who doesn't want to become entitled. Who wants to be a mere un-entitled oik. Yeah, gimme some of that free' entitlement pleezzze.  But (and I'm guessing you're all ahead of stupid me here), you've guessed it! No Q Code or anything else is available in the real world.  Ive sat in the hot, sun-baked car, flicking fruitlessly through diverse on screen menus.  I've even delved into the murky depths of the 'dark' dealership and factory settings modes by pressing the secret code buttons (press and hold 'home' while pressing the 'tune' button X2 or X6).  What did I find? Nada.  Zilch.  Not a dicky-bird. 

Yeap, it seems it's all an overblown, empty, sugary coated, Ad crap promise - again I know.  I know.  I'm old enough to know better, and I should of. Hey-ho.

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1 hour ago, GGMan said:

Never knew this app existed

It does, but sadly it's not for the likes of you or me 🙂 Subrau UK (IMG Group) responded to my enquiry to tell me it only applies to the Solterra.  But, as Ive repled to them this iis a marketing mess up. See part of my email in reply...

"Dear Subaru UK Support Team,

Thank you for explaining why I am unable to download the “Subaru Care’ app. after I had spent some considerable time and growing frustrations trying to achieve this.  

Can I respectfully ask why, if the app only applies to the Solterra EV model, the webpage on which the information is given has a picture of a Subaru XV! https://www.misubaru.co.uk/download-now.aspx and why the page does not mention that it is relevant to the Solterra only? Why does the registration form for the app ask for the Subaru model name, if it’s only the Solterra model?  Why does the Subaru Accident Management page, related to the app have a photo of a Forester? Etc. etc.

May I suggest that these errors are amended asap so as to manage your customers’/owners’ expectations and avoid wasted time by both customers and yourselves in having to reply and explain.

Kind Regards"


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I've had the MiSubaru Android app since I got my Forester last year. It's there and it's of limited real "use". It does have a one click "Request Assistance" button that's meant to take you to their support team for recovery/breakdown/whatever. I've not used it so don't really know what happens. It lets you add reminders, add insurance info, car info, personal details, and has a button to "Send Mi Details" if you have an accident and need to share your info with the other party by email, which is sort of cool, but also something you can do by text or email yourself.

I haven't been in the app for an age, and tried it today, and it's refusing to load any of my details, my car details or reminder data, even though still shows my name in the main screen. Try to update anything and it hangs loading, or just displays a blank page looking for me to re-add my data again. So guess if I do need to Send Mi Details, i'd be quicker emailing them myself.

TLDR : The app doesn't really do much more than you can do in your phone addressbook and calendar. You're not missing anything by not having it.

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