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Changed brakes and now car will not go into gear when running


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I changed my 1998 Uk2000 Turbos front brakes a couple days ago. I then went to go and take my car for a drive to test them when I realised my car would not shift into gear at all. I put my clutch all the way down and it started grinding when I tried to put it into any gear. The car was perfectly fine shifting a few days prior which was the last time I drove it. Since then, I have bled my clutch system and some air did come out through the slave cylinder nipple. I turned the car on again to see if it fixed the issue but the car still won't shift into gear. The only improvement is that there's now no grinding noise. I'm really stuck on what to do and need help!!

Also my car has had a new clutch and flywheel fitted 6k miles ago and my car is a manual.

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