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Headgasket gone is it worth repairing

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So just come back from area52 and been told headgasket is gone, got a quote of £2990 to repair, I'm just worried about spending that kind of money and it happening again, is it possible for a new one to fail again at some point? I don't want to get a year down the line and it goes again, what's the chances of it failing in the future? Thanks



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To be fair thats hardly a simple CHG replacement job, new rings and shells so its a basic engine refurb really and all with genuine parts it would appear, not stated but it goes without saying that both heads are being done at the same time, they'd hardly be fitting rings to just 2 pistons, also includes oil change @ 500 miles.

I can't see a timing belt kit on the parts list, unless its been done very recently wouldn't be spoiling the ship for ha'porth of tar.

Only you know the true value of your car, not just in resale value but what its worth to you, are they providing any warranty.

Would i get it done, yes, assuming the garage know what they are doing then no reason for chg to fail again.



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thanks for the reply judd, so timing belt was done 23k miles ago and dont know wether it comes with warranty i'll have to ask, car is 2003 impreza wrx on 124k miles. no other problems with the car and no rust anywhere very clean underneath.  


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I've noticed they quoted for MLSG, that's good, they last a lot longer to crappy old paper type ones. I assume engine overheated hence HG failure. For STI engine I would say definitely. For WRX yes if you have the money, if you are skint and engine wasn't overheated too badly you might get away with just the gasket, BUT it's a risk.


I personally would not risk it.


I just had HG failure on my 03 STI, it cost me for complete engine overhaul £5k + labour.



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i would expect the bill to be larger when you actualy get it, doesnt look like they have allowed for proper headwork and given the age i would expect it to be needed. Bear in mind untill its stripped and assessed for damage you won't know what exact work will need doing. Looking at the labour rate 66 hours is ok, but the £24 an hour sounds like they are using a monkey to rebuild it.

Looks like they are using standard crank bearings, you really wanna upgrade them to ACl race bearings.

Looks like they are going to reuse the head studs which I wouldn't entertain. (unless im being blind and they are listed)

Tbh it looks like a very very budget build and i think you need to get a second opinion taking on board your future plans to push it harder.

I would expect a proper forged rebuild to be around the 4-4.5k mark.


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