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Starting problem

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Subaru Outback 3 litre RN 2004 Starting problem.


Can anyone help with a longstanding problem?


The vehicle is fitted with a factory fitted Sigma (Thatcham
Catagory 1) alarm as standard. The alarm does all that it is supposed to and
the key fobs have new batteries.


The vehicle ALWAYS starts on being unlocked and started
immediately. However if left unlocked (whilst buying petrol for instance) it
sometimes fails to start.


 I use standard
procedure and put they key in ignition lock, press the button on key fob and
usually you can hear a faint click as the immobiliser disengages.  Turning the key further and engaging the starter
results in engine starting, but not
. I then repeatedly press the button on fob and try starting or
lock and unlock the vehicle and eventually it starts and has always started but
I am concerned that one time it won’t.


12 months ago my local garage downloaded the faults on the
vehicles computer and erased them. These apparently were low Battery warnings.
The vehicle never failed to start after that. However the vehicles Battery
slowly discharges over a period of a week/ten days and when you unlock it and
start it a single beep noise occurs which I associate with a low Battery
warning. (This beep never occurs at any other time). Four months ago the garage
checked the Battery again. It was fine. It is receiving a full charge from the
alternator and with everything switched off the battery discharge rate is
within tolerable limits.


Where do I go from here?

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Wotcha and welcome - I would have said the Battery as a first place to check but as you have verified this I would investigate the immobiliser itself, particulalrly as you can hear the relay in it and sometimes it doesnt de activate.


some of the other members may be along in a bit with more detail

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Do you have two fob's by chance I know with my car if I use the key to unlock or lock the car and try start it it wont start or sets the alarm off but the other fob works fine. I'm not sure why it does that I just use the one fob now :D 

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I had similar issue with the Battery draining, everything seemed fine with it, levels, recharge rates ect, it still would dump after about 2 weeks, then it only took about 15 mins on a smart charger to charge. I got a new Battery and now no problems at all. I think the Battery just didn't have the amps to start the car although the volts were there. Battery's do loose their mojo after time.

If it were me, I'd bite the bullet replace the Battery, I think it was £60ish quid from Europarts. Worth the money as it's cheaper than getting a specialist to check out the immobiliser side of things and it might fix the problem at least you'll have peace of mind that it deff isn't the battery.

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I agree it might be a Battery on its way out. When stationary at night can you see your lights getting brighter and dimmer with the rpm if you rev it? Might also be worth buying or making an earthing kit to improve the cars electrical system. I don't know about such a new leggy but they definitely improve things on the older generations.

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