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Hi all - got a Subaru dont know what I got


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Hi all

I have aquired an impreza and have no idea what I have. externally body is in fantastic condition as it has sat in ma mates garage for 7 years and not moved

Alll I know about it is

Has Brembo competition discs and pads,

dump clutch,

water cooled injectors 

Body work Silver,

gold wheels,

sedan body shape

big spoiler on back embossed with winning rally dates,

black interior

mileage 60k


That all I know about it and  


Chassis number GC8-005934


After bit of info - engine type, build date


Is it worth me spending money on or whats it worth as is







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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Sounds like you have a nice can and worth spending the cash on. I take it, it runs fine no noises. Best thing to do is share some pictures. We like pictures here :D 

And we can get a better idea I guess 

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Cheers bothe - I will get some pics next time I venture to the car and see if I can find an engine number, no engine number on log book.

Log book very sparse only states Chassis number as GC8-005934.

Car was an import and first registered in UK Aug 2000,

I know at one point it was worked on by the Subaru rally team

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Ill get to the lock-up later this week and take some pics and have a look for the serial numbers. Hopefully be able to sort what I have from there.

Want to sort out what its worth before I spend money on it.

It runs which is a good sign,

brakes need servicing and I'll have to change the dump clutch if i'm going to run it on the road

All oils will require replacing so will be pestering you all for oil specs etc, I havent looked into the car at all yet so dont know squat :blink: 

Engine oil

diff oil

gear box oil

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