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Legacy 06 2.0 twinscroll (WHAT MODS TO GO FASTER?)


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Hi guys I’ve got a 06 Spec B prefacelift Auto, I’m tracking the car next year and want to know what parts are a must have so the car don’t die on me 🤣 And also for styling make it look that lil meaner, here’s a list of what’s on the car 

TEIN COILOVERS with adjustable damping controls

GFB blow of valve 

HKS turbo timer 

SYMS front strut brace 

WEDSPORT ORIGINALS  NOT REPLICAS Lightweight alloy wheels.

Rear Diffuser 



EBC Red pads 

EBC Front and rear discs grooved and drilled

Sparco mud flaps for the winter  



ATF changed and filter

Engine oil changed and filter

K&N filter changed

Pollen filler hasn’t been changed yet but I have it ready to go in.


Timing belt and water pump will due end of next year. 



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As above for early warnings if pressure drops or it gets too hot .

The impreza classic, bug and blob all have fuel cut issues when low on fuel (1/4 tank and below ) whilst cornering hard right .

Due to the shape of the underside of the tank (hump to clear prop /diff) and the fuel pump pick up being on the right . Not sure if this applies to the legacy though ?

If so a spec c type fuel sock cage (in tank) or a external fuel swirl pot will help .

If you intend on really going for it on track, a baffled sump helps lessen the chance of the oil sloshing around in the sump and starving the oil pick up (losing oil pressure when cornering) .

As for faster , less weight , a decent geometry set up ,decent tyres and a remap . 

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