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Is Subaru Self Sabotaging Their Vehicle's Reliability...?

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tbh its nothing new. Some manufacturers still claim 30k oil changes, well check the oil after 5k and see if you think it needs changing lol

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It all about what markets well and potentially makes more easy money .
reality and common sense takes the back bench, transmission fluids are big one for being left too long.
Oils need changing, even if not dirty the viscosity is changing from constant shearing of the oil film .
I seen oem gearbox oils look thin as 5w30 as never been changed in decade and reason i'm looking at them is generally transmission noise lol , one earlier decent oil service and these transmission probably still been as quiet as day came out factory.

Other big concern these days is replacement parts/service item quality, even the oem stuff has dropped quality massively so you got do some homework or have first hand experience be sure your parts/service items are worthy & not worse than what replacing .

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